Shallot and Nitrogen Fertilizer

Shallot and Nitrogen Fertilizer
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Tags: shallot nitrogen fertilizer genotype yield yield components shelf life

Product ISBN : 978-1-78902-000-7

Publishing house: Glimmer Publishing

Language: English

Number of pages: 80

Author: Tiru Tesfa

Year of publication: 2018

This book explains about the shallot plant and its response to nitrogen fertilizer for yield, quality and shelf life. It provides information about shallot bulb production and nitrogen fertilizer with emphasis to quality and postharvest shelf life.
This book draws together the knowledge that has been gained in shallot plant performance for nitrogen fertilizer from field, laboratory and storage experiments. So this book will be of interest of researchers and professionals in agriculture specifically for agronomists, horticulturists, breeders and postharvest management personnel’s engaged in shallot production and research.

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